Architect Negligence

When deciding to start a large construction project whether building your own home, new commercial premises or a significant extension to your property it is likely that you will use the services of an architect as such projects usually involve significant sums of money.

The level of service and responsibilities expected from your architect will usually be contained in the contract you have agreed with your architect. In many instances standard form contracts issued by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects will have been used.

In most cases the architect will be retained to design and prepare plans, obtain planning permission, obtain tenders for the building work and then supervise and administer the works.

If an architect makes a mistake it is likely that such mistake will have costly and damaging consequences.

Some of the most common mistakes made by architects are:

  • Failing to obtain necessary planning consents
  • Failing to prepare proper drawings or designs
  • Failing to give proper costing’s, resulting in higher work costs than anticipated
  • Specifying the use of unsuitable materials which cause problems with the integrity of the property
  • Failing to properly inspect and supervise the works
  • Recommending an incompetent builder

It can also be possible in limited circumstances to bring a claim against an architect even when the builder appears to be at fault. This can be a useful option when the builder may have financial difficulties as the architect will usually have professional insurance to cover claims made against it.

If you consider that your architect has provided you with advice which falls below the required standard and you have suffered loss you may be entitled to compensation.

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