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A Specialist and Dedicated Team

If you’ve suffered a loss and want matters put right, or you’re involved in a dispute and need help to achieve a resolution, then you’ve come to the right place.

David Mackenzie, a member of the Professional Negligence Law Association and qualified solicitor, with over 30 years’ experience, is the founder of DR Legal. David was a partner in a number of leading legal practices, but now focusses solely on legal disputes and professional negligence claims.

With a reputation for fairness, as well as an enviable track record of success, DR Legal can call on a team of dispute resolution and negligence specialists including barristers and other experts in specialised fields. We know precisely how to deal with professionals who have let their clients down. Whether it’s a few thousand pounds or hundreds of thousands, our focus is always to achieve the maximum damages for you, in order to compensate you for the loss you have suffered; or to achieve an exit strategy that involves you in as minimal outlay as possible.

You’ll want to know if you have a case, how long will it take to resolve and what outcome can you expect. If you feel that we can help, then we are always happy to make an initial review of your case at no cost to you. DR Legal also offer a range of funding options and if we consider you have a very good case, we quite often work on a no win no fee basis. Which means that we only get paid if we recover damages.

All of this is achieved with straightforward advice, with no fancy legal jargon (we save that for the court room).
So, if you want a team of lawyers with whom you can have a straightforward discussion and who you can trust to obtain a winning outcome just give us call or get in touch via our contact form.

At DR Legal, disputes and negligence claims our sole focus, so you know you are getting up to date and specialist expertise in this complex field.

It’s totally free to find out if you have a claim, simply get in touch and start your journey to the outcome you deserve.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Cost of Litigation

Having acted for all sorts of clients we have learnt that there is no one charging structure that works for all. Our approach to costs depends entirely on your circumstances, the merits of your case, your attitude to risk and the importance of the matter to you.

We offer a number of options when it comes to our charges.

The following are some examples of the different fee structures we can offer:

  • Conditional fee agreements (CFA) – an agreement between us and you (if a claimant) which provides for the payment of our fees only in specified circumstances. The agreement will set out in detail in what circumstances and how much you would be required to pay required to pay. You will be required to pay for other expenses such as barrister’s fees or experts fees (such costs may be recoverable if you have insurance in place)
  • Partial Conditional fee agreements– acts in the same way as a CFA save that rather than offering a 100% discount on our fess we may invoice you at a lower hourly rate during the claim.

If you are unsuccessful, your only liability to us is any discounted fees, VAT and other expenses. These include barristers’ and experts’ fees which you may be able to recover under the terms of the insurance cover which may have been arranged for you to cover payment of your opponent’s legal costs.

  • Fixed Fees– a fixed fee is pre-agreed for different aspects of the claim.
  • Hourly Rates – we can if you wish just agree to charge an agreed hourly and provide regular updates on your liability for costs
  • Contingency Fees (Damages Based Agreements) – in line with how claims are run in the USA we will be able to pursue the claim for you without charge (or at a reduced hourly rate). If you win we will receive an agreed percentage of any damages awarded. Your losing opponent will still have to pay your legal costs but you will be responsible for any shortfall between the agreed percentage and costs recovered from your opponent. If you lose, you will not pay any legal fees to us although you may be liable for your own disbursements and the winner’s legal costs, subject to any insurance you had taken out.


BTE insurance insures against the risk of potential future legal costs and liabilities. BTE insurance is usually purchased as an add-on to existing insurance policies although it can be bought as a stand- alone product. You may have the benefit of such cover within an existing household or business insurance policy. Whilst the insurer may try to get you to use their panel solicitor they cannot compel you to do so. We can assist if you wish to use our services.


ATE insurance is a form of legal expenses cover obtained by a claimant after the event in time that brought about his entitlement to bring the claim. Almost everyone who issues a court claim inherently runs the risk, should the claim fail, of being ordered to pay the defendant’s legal costs. Whilst a litigation funder provides the money upfront to pay a claimant’s own ongoing costs, an ATE insurer insures the claimant against the risk that he might ultimately be ordered to pay the defendant’s costs.

In practice, if the claim fails, the ATE insurer usually becomes responsible for paying both of the following liabilities on behalf of the claimant:

(a) The defendant’s legal costs and disbursements; and

(b) The claimant’s own disbursements.

It is possible in some cases, for a claimant to be able to obtain ATE insurance to cover his own solicitors’ costs associated with pursuing the claim.

ATE Insurers look very closely at the claims and clients they insure. It is all a matter of risk. Insurers will look for you to have at least a 60% chance of success and generally higher. The premium payable is very much dependent on the individual merits of the claim and level of cover provided.

If you would like to discuss the funding of any claim and the alternatives available please call us now on 0333 577 5677 or use the contact form and we will resolve your claim.

What our customers say

From the first telephone conversation with David he was very helpful and honest about the strength of case I had and possible outcomes.  I found the whole process stress free due to his input and in the end was very pleased with the six figure outcome which was far more than I had hoped for.   I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of DR Legal.

Mr P.