Insurance Broker Negligence

The role of the insurance broker is to listen to the needs of their clients and to seek out and obtain insurance cover which is adequate for the needs of the clients. The insurance broker is your agent in these circumstances, regardless of whether the broker receives commission from the insurance company where the business is placed.

Contracts of insurance can be extremely complicated with limitations on cover, wide ranging exclusion clauses and duties to disclose information. If an insurer refuses to indemnify you under the terms of the insurance policy it does not necessarily mean the broker has been at fault. It may be the insurer is just being difficult.

We can assist you in determining who is at fault. In order to bring a successful claim for professional negligence claim against your insurance broker we must establish that the advice and service given fell well below what you could have reasonably expected and that that poor advice or poor service caused you to suffer a financial loss. If we can prove on your behalf that this was the case then you will have a successful claim. If the insurance broker’s advice or service was merely inadequate this may not be sufficient to establish a claim.

There are many instances where an insurance broker may have failed to either provide you with the correct advice or failed to carry out their job with the expected level of competence. Such matters might include:

  • Not insuring all risks which you specified
  • Failing to provide a policy which fits your needs
  • Failing to provide a policy with adequate cover
  • Failing to renew the policy in time or at all
  • Failing to advice you of substantive exclusion clauses or disclosure obligations
  • Providing a restrictive insurance product which could bring adverse risk
  • Not following your instructions causing financial loss
  • Failing to report a risk to the insurance company

If you consider that your insurance broker has provided you with advice which falls below the required standard and you have suffered loss you may be entitled to compensation.

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