Solicitor Negligence

It is possible for anyone to make a mistake but negligence by your solicitor can have significant consequences. It is important to distinguish negligence from poor service. Minor delays in dealing with work or failing to regularly update you with information will often be regarded as bad service and you may have redress through the Legal Ombudsman who has power to award compensation against the solicitor for inadequate service.

Where the allegations are more far reaching and involve negligence resulting in material financial loss then you will need to take legal action to seek redress against the solicitor who has given the negligent advice.

Professional negligence by a solicitor in its most simple terms represents a failure by the solicitor to have done something or not to have done something that reasonably competent solicitors would have done or would have not done. Each case will be determined on its individual merits and we have set out below some examples of solicitors’ negligence:

  • The solicitor has failed to bring a claim in time
  • The solicitor failed to obtain the correct level of settlement
  • The solicitor has caused your claim to be struck out by the court
  • The solicitor failed to properly advise you about the terms of an agreement
  • The solicitor made errors in drafting the legal documentation
  • The solicitor failed to act or serve the correct notices by the legal deadlines
  • The solicitor sued the wrong party
  • The solicitor failed to draft or have your will executed properly.

Any negligence claim made is subjected to time limits and for this reason it is essential to not delay a claim. In most cases a claim for professional negligence must be made within six years of the date of negligence or suffered loss.

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